Certificate Course of Pizza Maker

Pizza is one of the most famous dishes in the world and it is a symbol of Italian culture. The pizza-making tradition has become a real art specifically in the city of Naples. Its basic formula for baked flatbread with toppings has been recognized by UNESCO’s World Heritage.

VISH pizza-making course is divided in two levels and the students can decide how to improve their professional skills and career. During the Certificate Course (level one), the students will be learning the fundamentals and basic techniques of pizza.


  • History and Tradition of Neapolitan Pizza
  • Techniques of Professional Pizza Maker
  • Procedure & Techniques I
  • Fundamentals of Wooden Oven
  • Nutrition Principles
  • Food Hygiene and Safety I
  • Hospitality Management I
  • Italian Language I

VISH pizza-making course is addressed to the students who wish to obtain a good technical training and adequate skills to have strong basis for undertake a professional activity of pizza maker.

The course, therefore, is aimed at those who want to gain a qualification of pizza maker to pursue a professional career in the catering sector. The students who desire to apply this course must have completed the compulsory education and must have the aptitude and passion for pizza and leavened products.

Admission requirements for Certificate Courses are the following:

  • Application form
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Demonstration of English fluency (applicants who do not have the required English level will be advised to join the English Foundation Program)
  • Passport copy

*International students subject to pay all the fees, before applying for the  Student visa.