Course in Travel & Tourism Management

Tourism is an industry that is continuing to grow; increasing the need for students to learn the business of tourism by blending management skills with tourism. Enhance your business management skills with a focus on Tourism Management and gain the expertise to take on senior roles on this course.

Diploma course in travel & tourism management


  • Introduction to Tourism Management
  • European Travel Geography
  • The Business Environment
  • Legislative Frameworks
  • Management Information
  • Personal and Professional Development for Managers



  • Tourism Industry Issues
  • Tourism Operations
  • Management Accounting and Decision-making
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Managing People in Practice
  • Inclusive Tour Operations


The Diploma Course in Travel & Tourism Management is intended for those with a passion for the wider tourism industry. It is designed for tourism managers and those who would see their career in tourism.

The International Tourism Industry is one of the world’s major growth areas. The industry is vast and covers a diverse range of activities from Tourism Planning and Development at local and national level, creating and marketing tourist packages and the operation hotels and restaurants.

Throughout the course, we will deliver a range of management related modules to support your subject specific studies. You will learn about sales and marketing, legislative frameworks and managing people, providing you with the core knowledge to work successfully within travel and tourism environment.

If you wish to enroll in a direct entry (Second Year) for our Diploma program you must also qualify to be able to enter in the level by:

  • Submitting a detailed curriculum vitae specifying any professional experience in the field of desired Diploma program (a minimum of 6 months experience is necessary) and academic transcripts
  • Submitting educational transcripts
  • Passing an entry examination upon arrival in Naples

Or sending an official undergraduate transcript reflecting courses in the field of the desired Certificate along with the grades you received in those courses.

*International students subject to pay all the fees, before applying for the  Student visa.